Develop a Winning Mindset When Playing Poker

For you to be the absolute best, you must have the mindset of a winner. However, cultivating this mindset is never easy. In poker, it is more a matter of psychology than anything else. The following are tips on how you can change up your mindset. Contemplate Future Hands in Depth Many amateurs have one [...]

Tournament tips and strategies

When you play a poker tournament the game is slightly different from a normal ring game. Players usually use different strategies from the normal games, and also of course, for what kind of tournament they are playing. If you want to be a successful tournament player you need to learn the different strategies for the [...]

Pot Limit Omaha Basics

PL Omaha (or PLO) has been one of the most popular poker variants in European casinos for quite a few years now. Last year, it’s seen a huge popularity explosion online too. Most of the online exposure it saw was due to the nosebleed stakes players who transferred their 6-figure pot battles from the NL [...]

The Value Shove Explained

What is Value Shoving? Value shoving, otherwise known as value betting, is when a player overbets (raises) the pot with more than a pot-sized bet. It is a very common occurrence in No Limit Hold’em Games – particularly in Sit and Goes and MTT strategy. Advantages of Value Shoving Although there are risked involved in [...]

Omaha-hi Poker Starting Hands To Play

One of the aspects of Omaha hi that most poker online players have trouble with is starting hand selection. Sure, there are articles on poker news sites, a few posts on your favorite poker blog and even information on it at your favorite online poker school, but nowhere can you find a basic breakdown of [...]

Dealing with Bad Beats

Let’s face it. We’ve all be there. You’re sat there staring across at the opponent opposite you who has decided to go all in with nothing more than a 7 3 offsuit. Why should you be worried? You’ve got a pair of cowboys and a ton of chips in the middle of the table to [...]

Player Types In Online Texas Holdem Poker Games – Part 2

This article is the second part of the Texas Holdem Player Types series. Tight-aggressive players are often the most profitable opponents you will meet. By combining good starting hands with aggressive and positive play they ensure that the money goes into the pot when they have the ‘best of it’. Beware of building large pots [...]

Player Types In Online Texas Holdem Poker Games

Online poker attracts many types of players, and paying attention to the tendencies and patterns of your opponents can make your play very profitable. This article looks at the types of players you will meet in online poker based on the two main ‘axis’ by which play can be measured. These are loose vs tight [...]

Continuation Bets: Five Tips to Use Online

In Texas Holdem Poker games any unpaired hand will completely miss the flop approximately 66% of the time. Unless your opponent started the hand with a pair, they will often find it difficult to call a bet on the flop based on the strength of their hand. This means that you will often find yourself [...]

Short-Handed Sit and Go Example: part 5

This is the fifth part of the series about the following tournament: Details: Full Tilt Poker > $22+$2 Texas Hold’em Sit and Go Tournament 6 Players; Starting Chips: 1,500 Prize Pool: $132 (1st $85.80 2nd $46.20) Part #5 After a disastrous suckout of a full house versus quads, we’re finally down to 2 players. Fortunately [...]

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