Develop a Winning Mindset When Playing Poker

For you to be the absolute best, you must have the mindset of a winner. However, cultivating this mindset is never easy. In poker, it is more a matter of psychology than anything else. The following are tips on how you can change up your mindset. Contemplate Future Hands in Depth Many amateurs have one [...]

Tournament tips and strategies

When you play a poker tournament the game is slightly different from a normal ring game. Players usually use different strategies from the normal games, and also of course, for what kind of tournament they are playing. If you want to be a successful tournament player you need to learn the different strategies for the [...]

Pot Limit Omaha Basics

PL Omaha (or PLO) has been one of the most popular poker variants in European casinos for quite a few years now. Last year, it’s seen a huge popularity explosion online too. Most of the online exposure it saw was due to the nosebleed stakes players who transferred their 6-figure pot battles from the NL [...]

How to Play no Limit Texas Hold’em part 2 – pot odds and bet sizes

Pot Odds: Another key to success at the poker table is to look at the pot odds. You always want to think about what your odds of catching the draw are. For instance, if you have an open ended straight draw, your chance of catching the straight are 5:1. If the pot size is $10 [...]

How to Play no Limit Texas Hold’em part 1 – preflop play

When you’re a beginner, the key is to play small stakes. When you start with a low limit, you won’t be risking much money, but will still be able to work on your internet poker strategy and get a hang of how to play. Always have a minimum of 20 full buy-ins in your bankroll. [...]

Basic Omaha Hi-Lo Concepts

This article is not addressed to those who are good or even intermediate Omaha Hi-Lo players. My goal is not to teach someone who might even be a better Omaha player than I, how to play his game, but rather to introduce the huge mass of newbies hitting the tables each day, to a few [...]

Sit And Go Basics – profit from these kind of tournaments

Sit-and-Go (or sit-n-go or sitngo) is a kind of tournament in which you pay a buy-in, sit in a table where everyone gets the same number of chips, and play until there is only one left. The blinds go up after a specific time, or after a specific number of hands is played. It is [...]

Newbie’s Guide to Texas Hold’em: Choosing Starting Hands

If you know something about poker, you know that you should be folding a lot of your starting hands, right? And what are the best hands, the one you should be playing with? There are a lot of lists available, and some desktop backgrounds to the online poker player. In the book “Hold’em Poker for [...]

Newbie’s Guide to Texas Holdem: Basic Rules

So you want to know some strategy, uh? Learn the rules first, this is our main advice. There are a lot of players who consider themselves experienced, but fail to know some basics. Let’s go through a hand of Texas Hold’em. Each hand has some steps, or rounds, when cards are dealt and bets are [...]

Poker Glossary (Dictionary)

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # 72o. The (in)famous! The hilarious! The bomb! The perfect starting hand… (for the loser). Seven-two off-suit is considered the worst possible starting hand in Texas Hold’em. A [...]

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