Killer Poker Online 2 – by John Vorhaus

John Vorhaus is a seasoned poker expert. He plays, reads, and writes about poker since 1988, making him a very experienced author. This book, together with the first one (Killer Poker Online: Crushing the Internet Game) are probably the best sources for information directed at internet poker.

Vorhaus writes in a peculiar and interesting way, like he was talking to the reader, even taking some times to ask questions or suggest reflections. He writes in an easy-to-read way, sometimes even using common slangs.

In this book, the author does not talk much about bankroll management, and how to choose your cash game table (like he did in the first book). He focuses his writing on profiling the players, sit-and-go strategy, heads-up play, cash games pitfalls, and multi-table tournaments and satellites.

In the first section – The Mind Game – he briefly discusses poker psychology, and why lots of uneducated people lose money on the game. The best part is where he describes the codes he uses to profile online players, according to their actions. For example, WCWC would be someone who “Will Call With Cheese” – the “calling stations”.

Part 2 deals with Sit-And-Gos. He talks about strategy, and emphasize the “truths” of these tables, like “raises look like aces to most players”, and “patience is precious when chips are cheap”. It’s a great read.

In the third part, he goes to big tournaments, and describes early, middle and late strategy. From this section comes one of the best phrases in the book: No limit Texas hold’em has been described as “hours of boredom punctuated by moments of pure terror”.

Part 4 is the Cash Game section, where he talks about the risks and benefits of this kind of poker.

In the last part, he addresses more specific topics, like helping software, poker addiction, the virtual money craziness, and other stuff.

And as he writes on part 5:

God grant me the serenity
to fold the flops I don’t hit,
courage to bet the flops I do hit,
and wisdom to know the difference.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction: The Blessing and the Curse
  1. The Mind Game
  2. Sitngos
  3. Tournaments
  4. Cash Games
  5. Part V
  • Outroduction
  • Appendix A: Random Access
  • Appendix B: Information Overlord
  • Glossary


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