How to Play no Limit Texas Hold’em part 1 – preflop play

When you’re a beginner, the key is to play small stakes. When you start with a low limit, you won’t be risking much money, but will still be able to work on your internet poker strategy and get a hang of how to play.

Always have a minimum of 20 full buy-ins in your bankroll. If you don’t have that many buy-ins, you should not be playing in the limits you are and should drop down a level until you make enough money that you do have 20 full buy-ins. This may seem like a lot of buy-ins, but if you ever run into a string of bad luck and lose your buy-in time after time, you don’t want to be completely wiped out and bust your bankroll. With 20 full buy-ins, you will have enough buy-ins to cover you if this ever does happen to you.


If you’re doing things right, you should be folding about 80% of the time. Naturally, you’re going to fold junk hands, but you also want to fold hands that only have potential to be strong hands. By potentially strong hands, I mean hands such as 78o or A6s that are not strong preflop, but have potential to make a straight or flush. You are not likely to make the straight or flush and if you don’t, you will have lost the hand and all the money you’ve already put into it. You only want to play hands that are already strong. When you play a hand that is already strong, you have potential to make an even stronger hand and even if you don’t hit, you still have a strong hand.

When you do get a strong hand, make sure to bet it. Don’t limp in and just call the blinds because there may be other players with weaker hands that just want to see the flop because all it will cost is the blind. They may then get lucky and hit on the flop and beat you in the hand, even though you had a strong hand preflop. If you bet, you’re likely to get the players with weaker hands to fold. If you do have a strong hand, you should bet at least four big blinds plus one big blind for every person that has already called the blinds. So if you have a strong hand and three people before you called, bet seven big blinds.

Position is also key in selecting what hands to play. For instance, if you are in an early position you may want to tighten the requirements, and if you are a later position, you can loosen the requirements a little. That is because if you are one of the last players to call the blind or bet, you get to see if the other players have bet yet and if so, how much they have bet. That way you know about how strong your opponents hands are, and you know if you’re going to have to pay more than the blind to see the flop.

If you play the way I have just suggested, you will be playing a way that is called the tight-aggressive style. That means that you are tight when you have a bad hand and aggressive when you have a strong hand. It’s pretty simple, but if you can master that, you will be well on your pay to being a successful poker player.

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