How to Play no Limit Texas Hold’em part 2 – pot odds and bet sizes

Pot Odds:

Another key to success at the poker table is to look at the pot odds. You always want to think about what your odds of catching the draw are. For instance, if you have an open ended straight draw, your chance of catching the straight are 5:1. If the pot size is $10 and your opponent bets $10, making the pot $20, you would also have to put in $10 to call. Your pot odds are then 20:10, which is 2:1. Your odds of catching the straight are 5:1, which is worse than 2:1, so you should fold the hand. If the opponent were to bet $1, the odds would be 11:1 and thus your 5:1 odds of winning are much better and you should call the bet.

You may want to have a chart with all the odds of winning next to you while playing online poker, but for now, here are some odds you should remember:

  • Flush draw: 4:1
  • Open ended straight draw: 5:1
  • Inside straight draw: 11:1
  • Three of a kind drawing to full house or four of a kind: 6:1

Controlling your bets:

Now if you get a strong hand and bet preflop like I said to do earlier, that doesn’t mean that you should keep betting once the flop is down. Just because you have a strong hand or even AA for example, doesn’t mean you’re going to win the hand. If the board shows 2s7hQd, you’re probably going to think that you have a very strong hand because there aren’t any straight or flush draws. This doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to win the hand. For example, if someone called you preflop with 77 or QQ, they are going to have trips and win the hand unless you catch an A. Those would both be good starting hands pre flop, so it is not unlikely that someone would have called you preflop with one of those hands. If there is heavy betting, it is likely that you have been beat and you should fold. On the other hand, if the other players are not betting much, you may very well have the best hand and want to bet strong.

If you keep in mind all the things I have said and play smart, you will be well on your way to being a successful poker player. Remember that the best way to learn what to do in a tricky position is from experience, so play as much as you can. It would be another good idea to work on your sit and go game. Also, make sure you play at one of the best poker rooms, BodogPoker.

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