Continuation Bets: Five Tips to Use Online

In Texas Holdem Poker games any unpaired hand will completely miss the flop approximately 66% of the time. Unless your opponent started the hand with a pair, they will often find it difficult to call a bet on the flop based on the strength of their hand. This means that you will often find yourself in a position to steal a pot where you also missed the flop, with a ‘continuation bet’. This is usually undertaken when you raised before the flop – thus ‘continuing’ the strength you showed. This article gives 5 tips to help you ensure that your continuation bets are a profitable play:

1. Continuation Bet against as few opponents as possible. The ideal number of opponents is just one, you might also consider continuation betting against 2 opponents on some occasions. Any more than this and you need a hand to continue, it is just too likely that someone hit enough of the flop to call your bet.

2. A Half-Pot Bet only needs to work 1/3rd of the time to break even, any more than this is a profit for you. If you vary your bet size to ensure that ‘made hands’ and continuation bets are similar in size you will be more difficult for your opponents to read.

3. Beware of ‘Draw-Heavy’ flops. A flop containing suited and / or connected cards is less attractive for continuation bets. If your opponent calls you then you will not know whether they have a made hand or are drawing to a flush or straight. This will make your future decision making difficult.

4. Skilled opponents will know that continuation betting is a high-percentage play and will expect you to do this on many occasions. Tend to continuation bet less against tricky opponents who may call you just to see if you will fire again on the turn. Not betting every time you are checked to on the flop will improve the credibility of the times you do choose to continuation bet.

5. When an ace falls on the flop you usually have an excellent opportunity to continuation bet against a small number (preferably one) opponent. Since an ace is the first assumption opponents will make about your holding they are unlikely to continue with the hand unless they hold an ace or a stronger hand themselves.

Continuation bets are great if used wisely. Remember that sometimes you will be called and don’t worry about that. If you are called and have nothing, don’t try a second bet on the turn, unless you are pretty sure that you are ahead.

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