Omaha-hi Poker Starting Hands To Play

One of the aspects of Omaha hi that most poker online players have trouble with is starting hand selection. Sure, there are articles on poker news sites, a few posts on your favorite poker blog and even information on it at your favorite online poker school, but nowhere can you find a basic breakdown of which starting hands you should be playing. Here is a breakdown of the starting hands you should be playing when playing Omaha hi poker online.


Obviously, having one or two pairs in your starting hand is always a good thing. But, unlike in Texas Holdem, they should not be held on to for dear life. Only if you make a set should you continue with the hand. Remember, it takes a higher ranked hand than in Texas Hold’em to win a pot in Omaha Hi. A pair of twos will usually not win the pot for you. If you have a high pair, like aces, you will have to access the action at the table and make an appropriate decision based on your experience.


Draws are great hands to play in Omaha Hi. If you have a hand like Ace-2-3-4, you should pay to see a flop. There are just so many different possibilities for making a straight with a hand like this. If your hand is coordinated like this, it is a bad idea to fold before the flop.

Suited Groups

When playing suited groups, the object is to try and draw to a flush. An example of a suited group hand is As-2s-kd-5d. You have two suites covered, spades and diamonds, and you have a high card on each, and so if you do get a flush, it will be a high one. These hands have potential to make you a lot of money.

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