Player Types In Online Texas Holdem Poker Games – Part 2

This article is the second part of the Texas Holdem Player Types series.

Tight-aggressive players are often the most profitable opponents you will meet. By combining good starting hands with aggressive and positive play they ensure that the money goes into the pot when they have the ‘best of it’. Beware of building large pots by getting into raising wars with this opponent type, though taking a small shot at a pot from position after the flop will often get the tight-aggressive player to release the bottom of their range of hands.

Loose-passive players are characterized by playing too many hands and calling too often, this is an absolutely terrible combination that will lead these players to go broke very fast indeed. The key to beating players who call too much is to play solid values and to value bet with them over several betting rounds. Ensuring the bet sizes are reasonable will keep your loose-passive opponent in the pot with some horrible holdings. Conversely you should avoid bluffing against this type of player – their calling reflex will make this unprofitable.

Tight-passive players will play few starting hands and play them timidly. The defining characteristic of this type of player is that they fold too often after the flop – their hand is never quite good enough to call your large bet. This makes tight-passive opponents great targets for large semi-bluffs as well as value bets.

Another ‘axis’ on which opponent types in online Texas Holdem poker games can be judged is tricky vs straightforward. The more tricky a player is the less likely that their bets, calls and raises mean what they suggest – the extreme of this is that a player is completely ‘backwards’ (bets when weak and checks when strong). Making sure you work out which players are tricky and which not can further help you profit from observing information on your opponent types.

Online players who really want an edge at the tables there are several independent Texas Holdem Poker Software Tools which will watch opponents for you and even suggest profitable plays against them. Be sure to check out what is on the market to improve your profits from the online poker tables.


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