The Value Shove Explained

What is Value Shoving?

Value shoving, otherwise known as value betting, is when a player overbets (raises) the pot with more than a pot-sized bet. It is a very common occurrence in No Limit Hold’em Games – particularly in Sit and Goes and MTT strategy.

Advantages of Value Shoving

Although there are risked involved in value shoving; the principle of value shoving is so popular in No Limit games because it can be used with a wide range of hands under a number of different situations.

In Multi Table tournaments, value shoving can be done when you hold the best hand in the game. Holding KK and shoving for example, can actually make your hand look like a standard steal or bluff, and the chances of getting called are much higher. This means you can win a much bigger pot and win value for your money than regular slow play. It also removes the risks involved from this i.e. allowing limpers and non-premium hands to see the flop.

In tournaments – or even cash games – the value shove can be used as a strong re-raise or 3bet. Because of the gap concept involved in 3betting, value shoving as a re-raise in a cash game or tournament means your opponent has to have an excellent hand in order to call you. Most of the time this won’t be the case, however even if you get called you’re still likely to have outs with a good hand. Even with little outs you can get extremely good value for money in the later stages of a poker tournament.

Example of Value Shoving Preflop in Online Tournament: Blinds are 100/200. The opening bet is 700. A 3bet in this situation should be around 3 times the first bet – around 2000. A value shove here, rather than a standard 3bet, would make your hand look much weaker; giving value for hands like 77 or even 55 to call you. In a normal 3bet only hands AA – JJ will call you in this situation.

The Delayed Value Shove

The delayed value shove is a principle built upon the idea that it conceals the strength of your hand. If you delay your shove, and give your opponent the opportunity to catch something on the turn or river, it allows you to make a value shove in a situation that would otherwise seem entirely normal. The advantage is that it makes your overbet look more natural, and your giant hand is disguised.


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