The Truth about Poker Cheats, Poker Bots and Helping Softwares

There’s been a lot of talk this days about poker cheat programs, poker bots, and that kind of stuff. Check here the tested and truth:

Poker Helping Softwares

1. Odds Calculators/Tutoring Softwares.

Softwares that show you your hand strength, your odds for a great hand, your odds for having the best hand in the table. Most of them show also a suggestion of play, telling you when you should fold, or raise, or call… THE TRUTH: What you see is what you get. No false hopes here, the programs only give advice derived from mathematical calculation, and you get to decide what to do. The best ones in the market are:

a) Texas Calculatem Pro: the program sit by the side of your online poker table, give you advice for your next action, and show the percentages and odds. This new “Pro” version gives you more statistical information than previously ones. I personally use Calculatem Pro, and find it very effective. It helped me the most when I was a beginner.

b) Sit ‘N Go Shark: this one gives strategic advice in small text boxes for Sit ‘N Go tournaments. It has powerful advice, with a good sense of humor, which is great for the boring times when you are folding bad hand after bad hand.

c) Holdem Genius: this is a new program, from the same company that created Calculatem Pro. I am really impressed with the software, because it is even easier to use and do not clutter your screen. It also has a powerful odds calculator. I bought it a month ago and so far it looks an awesome deal.

2. Player Information Softwares.

Softwares that telling what you about your opponents, based on their previous games, as registered on the poker rooms. Every move you make on poker is recorded on hand histories. Poker softwares release these histories to the public, and some softwares gather this information to qualify players according to their behavior.

Poker Crusher is such a software, and the most reliable one I ever found on the market. You sit at a table and it shows who is the fish, the rock, the maniac, and so on. You can decide if it is profitable to try this table or move to another. I believe that this tool was the one that made me more money from all of the above. It also helps you become a better player, showing your current classification. Poker Crusher is really a great software, and has a free trial period. Check their website where you can find a video preview and see what I am talking about.

For more information about these programs, check the banners in the bottom.

Poker Cheats

A program that can change the outcome of the game by giving you information that you should not be able to know, or that could change the cards you will get. Some claim to be able to show your opponents hidden cards. THE TRUTH: lies, lies and lies. There is no such thing. The respected poker rooms have softwares with so powerful encryption, that it would be easier to hack into some online banks. If you ever buy such a program, be aware. Just think: if someone has such a thing, why would he sell it? He could be making millions using the programs, and would not be willing to advertise his crime!

Poker Bots

A program that plays for you in your computer. It “reads” the situation on screen and play for you, even if you are sleeping. THE TRUTH: looks interesting, doesn’t it? But there are some problems you should be aware of: the biggest poker rooms do not allow them; it could have spyware and viruses; it is kind of dumb: I mean, it’s a software, so it uses a program to calculate odds and take actions based on those odds. It cannot “feel” the opponents, it cannot make advanced moves, it cannot mix-up the strategy. Can it win some money? Probably yes, because there are a lot of players out there dumber than the bot, but I would be surprised to see a bot that could consistently win for you.


We believe that the best way to beat the game is by reading a lot, and practicing a lot. Buy the basic books and read what the pros have to say – they’re pros because they know something about the game. Most of the rooms let you begin playing for money by depositing as little as $20 to $50 dollars (Titan, for example, has a $20 minimum). With this buy-in, you can play a lot in the cheap tables, freerolls and small buy-in tournaments. From the above softwares, we strongly suggest the helping programs, because you learn a lot from reading their suggestions mid-game.

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