Cardoza Poker Cash Guard Promotion – Cash Back if you lose

Cardoza All-in Portection + 4 books

It would be great if you could deposit in a poker room and get your money back if you lost it on the game, wouldn’t it?

In fact, you can! Cardoza Poker launched the ALL-IN PROTECTION promotion! In this promo, available for new depositors until november 30th 2008, you get 50% of your deposit back in case you lose it all on the tables.

It means that if you deposit $50 and lose it all, you receive $25 back, no strings attached. The maximum deposit for this promotion is $50.

Also, remember that if you use the bonus code TOPLIFE during sign-up, you will be eligible to 4 free poker books as soon as you acquire 10 Cardoza Points after your deposit.

Now it would be a good time to deposit on Cardoza Poker, because you have all-in protection and 4 free books waiting for you!

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