Poker Bonuses

Deposit Bonus Glossary and Tips

Newbie Advice.
Bonuses and first deposits may look a little complicated to the beginner. Read below, and feel free to send an e-mail if you need help.

First Deposit Bonuses (%). Poker and casino rooms usually offer these bonuses at individual rates. For example: if a room offers 100% bonus, it means that for every dollar you deposit, you will get another one. But pay attention to the maximum bonus.

Maximum Bonus. This is the maximum amount of money you can get as a bonus from your first deposit. For example: a room with 100% bonus, max $300, and you deposit $400, you would get $300 extra, for a total of $700.

Bonus Release. Bonus release varies from room to room, but usually you have to play a certain number of hands to be able to receive the bonus in your account.

In some softwares, you receive your bonus in small increments. For example, a room can release $5 of your bonus for each 100 points you get. You usually receive your bonus after you play for a while. For small bonuses, this could mean up to ten hours of play in low-stakes. For large bonuses, however, you have to play for a little more time. So if you are going for a high bonus offer, concentrate your games in that room, so that you can release the most of it. In doubt, always concentrate your games in your most recent room until you release the bonus, then visit others.